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All About Titanium

Titanium is a popular metal, not only for use in jewelry, but in a variety of other industries. That's because it is light, resistant to corrosion and abundant enough to be affordable. We love this metal and sell a variety of titanium rings for men or women right here online. Want to know more? Check out the titanium facts below:

How is titanium formed?

supernova with titanium remnantLike almost all of the elements in the universe, titanium's origins are inside a star. Not all stars can form titanium, only those many times more massive than our own sun. Heavy elements like titanium are created when these star giants reach the end of their lifespan and explode, ejecting all of their "star stuff" out into the universe.

A single supernova can create unbelievable amounts of titanium, as seen in this supernova remnant over 160,000 light-years away. In this image from the Hubble Telescope, titanium is visible in the innermost part of the exploded star remnant.

Is titanium rare?

Our earth's crust contains several of the heavier elements formed during the death of a star. Almost all of earth's rocks formed by volcanic activity contain titanium. On earth, titanium most commonly exists as a compound, meaning together with other elements. However if we took all of the titanium on earth and compared it to other elements in the earth's crust, it would be the ninth most abundant.

What’s special about titanium?

blackbird plane with titanium alloy componentsTitanium is light and durable, and forms a reactive layer of titanium oxide when in contact with oxygen. Its this layer that makes titanium so resistant to corrosion and rusting. Titanium oxide is such an effective protectant that it even stops corrosion from sea water and chlorine.

Because titanium is so abundant on earth, it's become an affordable solution in a wide variety of industries. Light, incredibly strong and malleable when heated, it is often combined with other metals like aluminum or iron to form alloys. These alloys are most commonly used in for military planes and missiles, but their use ranges from military and industrial applications to golf and cycling. While the International Space Station utilizes mostly aluminum, a lighter material, parts of the station are constructed with titanium.

Titanium rings

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Titanium is also popular in jewelry. Because it is lightweight, it is extremely comfortable for everyday wear, making it perfect for wedding jewelry. Naturally silvery-white, it can be polished, created with a matte finish, mixed with other metals or plated. Its anti-corrosive properties offer an ideal solution for those frequenting oceans or chlorinated pools, whether for work or play.

Other uses for titanium

titanium white paintTitanium is strong, non-toxic and carries virtually no risk of allergies. That's how this versatile element has also found its way into dentistry for things like dentures, implants and fillings. When titanium isn't silver, you'll most often see it as white. This compound of titanium is called titanium dioxide. While there are hundreds of uses for titanium and titanium alloys, the average consumer purchases and uses titanium dioxide much more regularly.

Titanium dioxide is known for how incredibly white it is. Titanium white is a name used to describe those paints that are whiter than white, because they contain titanium. Titanium dioxide gets its brilliant whiteness because it refracts light better than most other things. Because it also absorbs UV light, it is a main ingredient in sunscreen. It is the ingredient that gives toothpaste its sparkling hue.

Titanium is named after the Titans. Do you know about any other elements that have names rooted in Greek mythology? Let us by contacting us!