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Fun Facts About Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Fun Facts Infographic

We love tungsten carbide. Strong, durable and scratch-resistant, tungsten is the perfect material for high-quality yet affordable jewelry. But what's the secret behind this unique metal? How is it made? And does it have any other practical applications?

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound. You'll remember that a compound is simply a material that consist of a mixture of elements. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom form the compound we call water. In the case of tungsten carbide, the mixture is comprised of one part tungsten (W) and one part carbon (C).

The word "tungsten" originated in Sweden, which is where tungsten ore was first discovered in the 1750s. The words "tung sten" mean heavy stone in Swedish and refer to the fact that the material is twice as dense as steel.
The density of tungsten is what makes this metal so tough. Tungsten carbide begins as a fine powder during the jewelry-making process, but after heating, it's approximately 10 times harder than 18k gold and two times more dense than steel!

Because tungsten carbide is so tough and affordable, it has many practical applications ranging from home to industrial use. Tungsten carbide is used in precision surgical instruments as well as cutting and drilling tools for mining and construction purposes. But you'll also find tungsten in your trekking poles, your ballpoint pen and in light bulb filaments.

As you can see, tungsten carbide doesn't only make jewelry great. The material offers many uses at low costs, making it a great choice for a variety of industries.
If you have any interesting facts you'd like to share with us about tungsten carbide's other practical applications, contact us today!