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Affordable Wedding Rings for Men or Women

The metals in our selection of durable wedding bands consist of black zirconium, tungsten carbide and titanium. Each type of metal offers its own unique benefits, and all are more affordable than traditional bands made from gold or platinum.

Zirconium offers a high resistance to corrosion. In fact, this metal is often utilized in space and aeronautic capacities. Zirconium is shatterproof and has a truly unique appearance. If you're interested in a malleable ring, we recommend zirconium.

Tungsten carbide bands offer superior scratch resistance, and because of tungsten’s density, it has many practical applications ranging from home to industrial use. If you're searching for scratch-resistant wedding bands, we recommend that tungsten be your choice.

Titanium resists corrosion and is particularly strong and lightweight. Although it is not as strong as tungsten, it is the lightest of these metals in comparison to its strength. If you're searching for a traditional-looking ring that's lighter than most, we recommend titanium.

Lovie Art Jewelry offers a variety of discounted contemporary wedding rings for men and women. Be sure to explore our entire collection of women's and men's wedding bands to find the ring that's perfectly suited to you.