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How to Determine Ring Size

Determining your ring sizing is easy and can be done with your local jeweler or with a ring sizer available for purchase online. However, you can just as easily find your appropriate ring size at home with a piece of string and a ruler. To find your ring size at home, wrap a piece of string or floss around your finger between the top knuckle and the start of your hand, mark the string and measure your result with a ruler. You can use the guidelines below to find your ring size.

That’s easy enough. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a gift or you’re looking for an engagement ring to propose with, asking to measure her finger might ruin the surprise. Here are a few ways to secretly measure someone’s ring size:

Take An Existing Ring to the Jeweler

The most obvious answer to this problem is to take the existing ring of a loved one to the jeweler for sizing. This is also the most accurate option. If possible, we recommend that you simply “borrow” the ring and take it to be professionally measured. However, if this won't be an option because your loved one doesn't own many rings, is inclined to notice missing things immediately or wears the ring(s) he or she owns daily, you can determine the right ring size in one of the other two following ways.

Measure the Circumference with a String

Using the same method described at the beginning of this article, take a piece of string and measure the outside of an existing ring if the band is thin and plain, or the inside of the ring if the band is particularly thick, contains embellishments or has a setting for a stone. Accuracy here is important, and it may take some time to double-check your measurements. If you're pinched for time because you only have a moment or two before your loved one finds you rummaging through his or her jewelry items, try the following.

Trace the Outline with a Pen & Paper

This process shouldn't take more than a few seconds, and it’s a great alternative to finding her ring size in a hurry. Simply place the ring flatly on a piece of paper and carefully trace the inside and outside of the ring separately. At your own leisure, measure the outline you’ve created with a string and using the chart above. Alternately, can take your sting and/or drawing directly to a jeweler for additional accuracy.
If you have any fun, quirky or new ways of secretly determining a ring size for a gift or engagement, let us know so we can add them to this page!